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It truly is based on an easy assumption that you'd not have eaten the Paleo Diet if the cavemen had not eaten it. That may be the reason the Paleo Diet is also referred to as "The Cavemen Diet". It contains nuts, meats, seafood, seeds and vegetables, those things that you may see or hunt in the natural ecosystem. So it is the diet which our excellent ancestors ate and used to stay a healthier lifestyle. As time goes by, people became more complex, and the farming revolution happened. We became producers from hunters. We formed societies. And with that day we've developed to what we have been today.

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Our diet also changed with the time being from Paleo to more contemporary which raised intake of calories. And there the trouble took place. As according to Robb Hair, HomoSapiens in old-age spent a really long-time as seekers and produced their bodies adapts that manner of living over thousands of years, but as the revolution took place it altered our diet but our genetics are the same as the previous Homo-Sapiens, therefore our bodies never synced properly to eating the meals what we are eating right today. We began depending on grains like noodles, bread, corn, grain etc and virtually stopped the ingestion of veggies, seasonal fruits and meat. Hence becoming heavier and exposed to disorders like diabetes and heart attacks. Based on study about 33% of us are regarded as weighty and 66% of us are weighty, and it's getting worse everyday. The average Homo Sapien back then was big, strong, muscular, exciting, fit, adaptable and in good condition. But now an average Homo Sapien is corpulent, weighty, out of shape, stressed, sleep deprived, sorrowful and dying from multitudinous preventable diseases.

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So it's apparent that our contemporary diet (like grain) is not healthy for us as we're not naturally designed for it, and it's better to just take that diet which allows us to tap into our innate potential and makes us begin living healthier. One more point was elevated by Mr. Mark in his post from Daily Apple that grains cause type of odd reaction in our gastrointestinal system.

Basically, grains are composed of carbs, and those carbs are transformed into sugar (a kind of sugar) in our system which produces electricity and helps our body to function, and is additionally used to perform various other tasks in our body. And any glucose that's not had as energy is stored as fat in our body. This suggests that how modern diet is impacting our health and why the Paleo diet is a lot significant for all of us.